Sunday, December 2, 2012

Whole Lotta Catch-Up {Part 1}

I guess I haven't posted in a bit ... So here I have for you a gallery link to view my recent (and not so recent) scrapbook layouts as there are 18 since I last posted. Check out my latest LO right here though! I'm pretty excited that after taking a little R&R break, Ryan of Roseytoes Designs is back to designing! Whoo hoo!! AND! She has a new store! Check it out at Brownie Scraps. {} If you have never been to Brownie Scraps, this is an all templates site. Pretty cool IMO. All of Roseytoes awesome templates available at Brownie Scraps are exclusive to Brownie Scraps. And here is a LO I did using Mulitples Vol 2 by Roseytoes and Self Portrait (a mini kit by Pixelilly that was for a Gingerscraps challenge.)

In other news ... down on the farm as it were ... our alpacas are doing great! (chickens, not so much ... we are down to 2 from 7) I am doing great at going out to feed them and check/fill their water everyday that the man is on the road. I have gotten quite proficient with the pitchfork!! And some very exciting news for us is that our fodder growing machine has been shipped and will be arriving here any day now!! Looking forward to documenting how this beast will work :o) Now that the snows are starting though I have a very serious need for some muck boots!! and some liners or super thick/warm socky socks! {I need to get busy and get some yarn made and make myself some nice alpaca socks!} Watch for my next post where I will detail my fiber processing equipment and steps!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Latest Scrappyness

Here is my most recent layout, which I made for an "Easy-as-Pie" template challenge at the Shabby Shoppe blog. {they have one each month btw!} I chose to go with pics I took on the first day of Autumn. {which happens to be my favorite day of the year} It was beautifully rainy, sunny, rainy, sunny, etc. and the alpacas, Lil' Miss, and I got to enjoy multiple rainbows!! AND the colors are changing on the trees here on the farm! *le sigh* {I just bought some cider tonight, and some spiced wine ... and some regular wine, having recently discovered that Cabernet Sauvignon is my favorite, but this does not taste nearly as good as the stuff I tasted at Ren Fest, but I digress.}

Created using Harvest Spice and Carousel by Shabby Princess

And here are the LO's I finished recently for Project Scrap 2012 at the Shabby Shoppe blog {I am a little behind, but getting caught up quickly.}

Created using Brrrr!!
Created using Penelope and Blossom

Monday, August 20, 2012

Mommy's Little Monster

I love the Ahh Monsters kit by Roseytoes Designs!! As soon as I saw it, I KNEW I was going to do a two page layout with a "terrible twos/threes" type theme. And [un]fortunately Lil' Miss gives me plenty of opportunity to snap pics of her grumpfest!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Roseytoes Designs

I am proud to announce that I was recently selected to join Ryan on her Roseytoes Designs creative team!!! Here is the first layout I made using the kit Love You Forever.

This kit can be purchased here: AND

Be sure that there will be MANY more layouts to come ... using more of the fabulous kits and bits from Roseytoes Designs

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Scrappy Scrap Scrapster

So instead of blogging lately (I know bad Lyndsey) I have been spending a lot of time working on my digital scrapbooking. Here is the layout I made for the Easy-as-Pie Template Challenge #26 for The Shabby Shoppe Blog. There is one every month! I used the Shabby Princess Kit -- Plentiful (with a little tweaking of blending mode, color, etc.) I love these template challenges and Project Scrap 2012! And their kits are to die for!!! (and this from a girl who can make her own!)

So yeah, check out The Shabby Shoppe Blog and/or Shoppe. You won't be sorry

Friday, June 29, 2012

Chicken or Egg??? ... Not a Philosophical Question

Ok so I am here on our new farm!!! Whoo hoo!!!

With JP on the road for work, moving in would not have happened so well if not for the help of my Poppo and both of my brothers. Big thanks to them!! Especially for getting my piano here! It's ancient and needs a ton of work, luckily my man is a piano man (and probably going to kill me for using those particular words!) This beauty of an instrument is also extremely heavy!

Trying to unpack, which isn't the easiest since we moved across the country and left behind most of our shelving units ... Soooo where to put our stuff?!?! Outstandingly there are a gajillion closets here, and multiple pantries (not to mention a second kitchen) so the stockpile (at least what was left and able to be moved) has ample space!! And NOT in the garage! :o) Can't beat that!

Yep this is a pantry, and not the garage. A wonderful cool, dry long pantry!

Now having grown up in a small town and having grandparents who had a farm, it would seem like I might have some practical knowledge of farm life. This is not entirely the case.

For example, the first baffling question I ran into:

How do I know if the eggs that have been lain are gonna be chickens or if they are eggs to eat?!?!?!?

Bueller? Bueller? So you don't know either? Good. I don't feel so bad. (Quiet all you know-it-alls. LOL) The amazing Internet did know the answer ... Until a chicken starts forming inside even a fertilized egg is an edible egg (and apparently tastes better too.) So the answer to my first dilemma is simply that if a hen is not setting on the eggs, I can take them. I think... Or apparently a hen will gather eggs for her "clutch" for 6-10 days or so and then if she is "broody" she will sit on them. So I could gather these now, but I think we'll see if we're gonna get some more chicks.

My first triumph: I went out and picked strawberries from our garden this morning ... for over an hour! I had Lil Miss helping me (which you know, she's three ... so yeah there's that.) She actually did pretty good, for the most part. And we collected a ton of berries! I am gonna have to go back out there later and finish the last quarter or so of the strawberry patch. It got HOT out there, yo!

Thank goodness for JP! He actually has a handle on this farm thing. He has been working outside almost nonstop since we moved in: mowing acres of overgrowth, tending the chickens, weeding the somewhat neglected garden (hey they were in the process of moving out and taking on renters! Cut them some slack. At least there was already some stuff growing, and they are kind enough to give us the harvest. They really are good people!)

On the left we have weeds ... lots and lots of weeds over-running the garden. On the right ... virtually no weeds!! My man is pretty awesome. :o)

and setting up the soaker hoses and sprinkler, and checking the fencing/posts/etc to find out what we need in order to bring the herd of alpacas here. (Can not wait to get them here!! I look out the back windows or off the back deck and so badly want to see the alpacas roaming about. The pastures are so empty and just crying out for the alpacas!!) Soon. We just moved in a week ago! Geesh.

Love my new backyard, will love it more when those guys are here!

My next two tasks are completely alien to me and somewhat alien to me (respectively.) {I will post to let ya know how they go. Wish me luck!}
1. Give the chickens more water.  Now this doesn't sound too difficult. The daunting part is going into the coop yard with the rooster. He crows at me every time he sees me! So all I can picture in my head is the scene from Son in Law with my beloved Pauly running for his life while being chased by the turkey. So, assuming I survive, I'll let ya know how that goes. JP did take care of this before he left for work for the weekend, but the foul creatures emptied one water "thing" (I'll find out what those are called and add a footnote here later) and knocked the other one over.

2. Make strawberry jam.  I have been around when my mom has made strawberry jam plenty of times. I think I have even helped before. That was a long, long time ago in a kitchen far away. But I am pretty good in the kitchen so I think that I should be able to handle this just fine. First though I need to get some jars and pectin ... and I have a lot of strawberries so I should probably get some more sugar too. (I thought I had some in the stockpile, but can't seem to find it. Hmmm must've made more cookies before the move than I realized!! lol)

Alright, well I am off to sleepy land ... It's been a day! :o)

Monday, April 2, 2012

Money Saving Mondays {#2}

I feel a little less like I am running 'round in circles, running 'round in circles (sorry slipped into a little Soul Coughing-esque moment there) today than I have for the past week or two. With my piano guy off entertaining ritzy spring breakers on the beautiful gulf beaches, I am left to the packing of the house and wrangling of the child. And trying to keep the fibro at bay as best I can. Focusing on packing has left my upkeep on the den quite lacking, today I had had enough, and now ... I can breathe again! Whew. Now if only this beautiful two-year-old of mine would just allow it to stay this way for more than an hour ...

So I am back at the keyboard, and hopefully I have gotten enough done that I will be on track enough to keep up with this blog through all the crazy of this move! This week will bring not only the return of my Money Saving Mondays, but also the debut of my Toddlery Tuesdays where I will share with you and review my crafty finds and other fun (and sanity dependent the occasional not so fun) toddler related business.

Without further ado ...

Freezer Cooking-Part 1

As promised, today's money saving topic is Freezer Cooking (also called "Once a Month Cooking.") And as you may have noticed, I added on "Part 1" with plans of bringing you tips and tricks as time moves forward and as I venture further into this wonderful new aspect of my life, and believe me this is now entrenched as a full aspect of my life!

The key to freezer cooking to save money is to buy meat in mass quantities at really good sale prices. For instance whole fryer chickens were $0.79/lb at Albertsons a couple weeks ago (oh how I will miss this store when I move!!) with the coupon in their weekly store ad. Now let's say you eat chicken twice a week, wouldn't it make sense to get 8 or so of these bad boys at this price? I say yes! Then you have 2 chickens per week for a whole month! Obviously you will have to freeze some of them so they don't go bad before you are ready to eat them, but then you will need to thaw them before cooking, and if you have ever thawed a whole chicken you know that it doesn't always thaw in the time-frame allotted, especially if you have a temperamental fridge at all. So thawing those chickens twice a week seems like a bit of a pain, right? Solution? Cook it all! Then freeze ... hence freezer cooking. With the whole fryer example there are many options for preparation, but I am not going into all of those right now, rather I will get back to the main focus of this post... 

The first topic in freezer cooking I would like to discuss is individual servings and "flash freezing." Do not be confused, I do not--nor do I expect you to--have a cryogenic freezer on hand. This "flash freezing" is just so individual parts can be stored together without freezing to each other. Let's use one of the ways I prepped those chickens as an example, Pulled BBQ Chicken for sandwiches. I love to have bbq sandwich meat on hand for a quick snack or dinner option, but I hate having to thaw an entire tub or batch of it just because I have a hankering for a sandwich so I decided to freeze individual portions to make it easy for me to grab out just what what is needed for 'right now.' And here's how I did it ...